“ART” by Yasmina Reza

Thursday 1st - Sunday 11 December 2022

An award winning comedy about what constitutes "art"

Directed by Graham Fly

NOTE: this play contains occasional strong adult language.

Art is a comedy set in Paris which revolves around three friends and raises questions about art and friendship. Moving from disagreement on the questionable purchase of a completely white painting their arguments become less theoretical and more personal. They border on destroying their friendships.

Serge has bought a modern work of art for a large sum of money. Marc hates the painting and cannot believe that a friend of his could possibly want such a work. Yvan attempts, unsuccessfully, to placate both sides with hilarious consequences. The question is: Are you who you think you are or are you who your friends think you are?

By Arrangement with ORiGiNTM Theatrical On Behalf of Samuel French

A Concord Theatricals Company

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Please note the new 2022 performance times:

Thursday 8:00 PM (including Opening Night)

• Friday 8:00 pm

• Saturday 2:00 PM Matinee

• Saturday 8:00 PM

  1. Sunday 2:00 pm Matinee

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