Friday, 10 August 2018 - Saturday, 1 September 2018

Burke's Company  - Drama by Bill Reed and directed by Graham Fly

A recreation of the disastrous Burke and Wills' expedition.

This award winning play concerns the tragic 1860 expedition of Burke and Wills, the first explorers to cross Australia from South to North. On their way back they suffered flukes of misfortune leading to their unforeseeable deaths in the scorching desert from malnutrition. King is the only member of the advance party to survive.

The action then revolves around the delirious recollections of King with the guilt ridden Brahe who was supposed to wait for the advance party to return to Coopers Creek. The narrative shifts back and forth, introducing other crucial characters who flesh out the story, the guilt, pragmatism, heroism and stoicism.

We all know this very Melbourne story, but this vision by Bill Reed treats it in a very different way.

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By special arrangement with Bill Reed


Burke’s Company By Bill Reed

Directed by Graham Fly

By arrangement with Bill Reed

The Basin Theatre